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Performance Program

Thrive Global’s Performance program helps employees to:

• Identify limiting mindsets & beliefs
Practice reframing techniques
Learn the science behind well-being journeys
Commit to actionable microsteps

Science of Habits

You’ll learn the latest science of belief and habit formation and explore how your own beliefs and paradigms may be limiting your ability to Thrive.

Building on this awareness, you’ll learn how to immediately start turning limiting beliefs into ones that both increase your well-being and take you to new heights of performance.

Exercise and Reflection

Going deeper, you’ll engage in exercises and reflections to create new beliefs and habits, and come away with science-backed microsteps you can incorporate into your work and life today.

You’ll examine Thrive Global’s Four Core Journeys that lead to improved performance:


Getting enough sleep and rest allows us to perform at our best and unlock our true potential.


The benefits of movement and nutrition are as good for our minds as they are for our bodies.


Learning how to prioritise our to-do lists, manage our technology, and work smarter, not longer.


Nurturing our relationships, our sense of belonging, and our ability to connect with others and with ourselves is a fundamental human need.


This program is delivered through

  • The Thrive Behaviour Change platform
  • Face-to-face
  • Loaded directly into your organisations LMS

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