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Working from home has become our new normal, and now more than ever, our homes have become our most important organisation. Figuring out how to work & live together 24/7 requires new paradigms and a new approach.

The new normal

Unpacking the challenges that bringing work (and school) into our homes has created

Shifting Mindsets

Identifying the limiting mindsets we often have around how we value our time and prioritise our own well-being

Setting Boundaries

Defining your routines, prioritising responsibilities, and learning to create sustained concentration

Improving Communication

Communication underpins everything we do, uncover tricks to effective feedback

Implementing Systems

Fairness and the importance of having a minimum standard of care

Behaviour Change

Exploring the science of habit formation and gain tools needed to sustain Thriving Families


This program is delivered through

  • The Thrive Behaviour Change platform
  • Loaded directly into your organisations LMS

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